Kerala Food Technologist Association was registered under Societies Registation Act XXI/1860 in December 2012. This is an association that was started to unite all the food technologists throughout Kerala. KEFTA is the key to empower Food Technologists.

KEFTA’s membership is open to all Food Science and Food technology graduates in Kerala engaged in academic, research, analytical lab, food industry and related activities. It has a well-written constitution, which forms its very backbone based on which the Central Executive Committee and University Chapters function through their elected Regional Executive Committee (REC) and Local Executive Committees (LECs) respectively. The election of Office Bearers to these committees, their powers and functions are part of the constitution.

Food technology has a good success throughout the academic calendar. The qualified food technology students have been placed in reputed firms in India and abroad and are now in good positions. Till date, opportunities have never been a problem and students passing out have been placed quickly. The quality and sincerity shown by the students in their work have given them much appreciations and acknowledgments. The success of the course and students had gained popularity. KEFTA aims to join the food technologist and empower food technologists. Glorious history and success story is always good to hear but the real taste of the story is complete only when the successful people get together to share and care each other. Association requires full involvement and support from all its members to fulfill the objectives


  • The Association will act as a link between students and the food industry. Association will unite all food technologists.
  • A complete database of all the students from a specific department including their present status. No association has this facility. This will be a one-of-kind facility.
  • This will be a unique and innovative association that will turn out to be stronger than the conventional students association/students union/ alumni association etc.
  • The website of this association shall host ‘online campus selection’. Any food industry can conduct campus selections with the help of the association however far they are from the college/university. The students can be interviewed online. This format of campus selection can attract more industries on a broader scale. (A small amount may be charged from industry by the association website). Another additional feature in the website is that any industry person can search the database by years of experience and qualification.
  • This association can help students gain industrial knowledge with the help of former students of any department of the association. This will help the students create a work culture while they are at academic grounds.
  • All food technologists will be permanently linked to the food technology family.
  • On a larger perspective, this association with its members can give guidance and support to farmers or unemployed women to start up a Self-Help-Group. Such activities will boost the enthusiasm in students to work and give them ample hands-on-experience. This will give birth to many entrepreneurs.
  • On the long run, this association should have the potential to help Govt. in the various employment schemes.
  • The association will take up the responsibility in updating the course and syllabus revision.
  • This association should act as an advisory body to Govt. and other allied food industries. Any food industries can contact the association for consultation and training.
  • The association will take up issues concerned with its members.